Perfect Gift Experiences For Your Mum this Mother's Day [2023]

This Mother's Day, give your Mum the gift of doing something special with you - from jewellery making to private dining!

Last updated: 21 May 2023- 7 min read
Perfect Gift Experiences For Your Mum this Mother's Day [2023]

If you're looking for a truly special gift for Mother's day, here are some ideas - from private home dining, to crafting personalised jewellery together. If your Mum is like ours, the best Mother's day gift is some quality time with you 😍

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Private Dining in a Beautiful Home Kitchen

One of our favourite ways to celebrate a special occasion is to head to a private home kitchen. You get a peek into someone's beautiful home, plus you get to enjoy food that's often yummier than at a restaurant! We also love the intimacy of the experience, and just how unique it is - perfect for a special celebration!

We also love that we're supporting passionate home chefs who are super talented, and who can cook a mind-boggling array of food! Whatever type of food your Mum enjoys - whether it's Peranakan, or Spanish, or even Caribbean, you'll be able to find an incredible home chef who will make it!

Private dining in Singapore

Have Fun Cooking Together

Some of our fondest childhood memories revolve around being in the kitchen with Mum. While she cooked, we would be permitted to join in on the simple tasks like cracking an egg. So it became a bit of a tradition as we grew older to do cooking classes with our Mum - to create new cherished memories.

Even if your Mum doesn't usually cook, this is a really fun way to spend an afternoon together. Learn to cook yummy Korean food in the home kitchen of a lovely Korean chef, or cook farm-to-table Peranakan food with Granny Soh. Or if you have a sweet tooth, try making IG-worthy baked goods with a passionate home baker in her cosy home! The fun is endless 🤗

Have Fun Cooking Together

Handcraft Your Own Jewellery

If your Mum loves her jewellery, this is a cool thing to do together! It's much more meaningful than getting her an off-the-shelf piece.

You can choose from various jewellery making sessions - depending on whether you're looking to make cool organic wooden jewellery, or looking to learn how to silversmith a silver, or pewter piece. You’ll get to design, create, and and bring home earrings or a necklace made by your own two hands.

Handcraft Your Own Jewellery

Make Customised Perfume with a Scent Engineer

If you have ever gotten your Mum perfume as a gift, this is the next level up! This private perfume making workshop with a scent engineer allows you to craft a gorgeous one-of-a-kind scent that is uniquely you.

During the workshop, scent engineers will guide you throughout the process of selecting, formulating and eventual blending of your customised fragrance. Every time you use your personalised perfume, you'll think of this awesome time together!


Uncover Singapore's Swinging 1960s

If your Mum loves spending her time uncovering new art exhibits or hidden theatre performances, this is a really cool thing to do together.

This is an immersive street theatre experience in a hidden part of Singapore! Armed with an audio guide, you'll be led through gorgeous fantastical sets in Jalan Basar, and be transported to Singapore's in the swinging 1960s. You can't go back in time, but this experience will certainly give you an intimate glimpse of the past. And your Mum can also relive fond memories, and tell you yet-untold stories of the time!


Make Gorgeous Upcycled Ceramics

If your Mum loves crafting, this is a really meaningful, unique experience. Here you'll be trying your hand at the beautiful Japanese craft of Kintsugi. It's the Japanese craft of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections. During this unique workshop, you'll learn to mend broken upcycled ceramics with gold powders to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece.

Not only will you be spending quality time with your Mum, you'll have a beautiful piece to each bring home to cherish at the end!


Art Jamming at a Chilled Studio

Even if your Mum doesn't usually like art, this is a really chilled way to spend an afternoon together! Here during this 2-hour art jam session, you and your Mum can be as creative or as silly as you like at a beautiful light-filled studio. Have a drink, sit back, paint and chat. It's the perfect chilled afternoon together with Mum.


Mangrove Safari to Hidden Northern Islands

For Mums who love exploring, this is a great one for a family day out to celebrate Mum! On this 3-hour adventure, you'll explore the Northern Coastal line of Singapore packed with mangroves and a rustic nature vibe. You'll get see Singapore's floating solar farm, bask in the tranquillity in the mangroves, and catch glimpses of wildlife around the mangrove river. Relax, sit back and see Singapore with new eyes.


Make Pottery in Zen Garden

This private pottery class in a lush garden studio is a really special one. During this 2-hour class, you and your Mum will learn hand-building from a creative designer. Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative. As it's a private class, you'll get Emily's full attention to help you create magic ✨


Make Your Own Kimchi

If your Mum loves health food, or all things Korean - this is a really fun one! Here you'll head into the cosy home of a Korean Chef and learn to make Kimchi from scratch. More than just a cooking class, your host loves to introduce guests to Korean culture and food - so you'll gain a deeper understanding of the stories behind what you cook. She'll also serve you delicious banchan (side dishes) so you can enjoy them alongside your kimchi making!


Make Gorgeous Organic Soap

If your Mum loves crafting, this is a cool twist on the usual crafting - you get to handcraft your own soap that's so pretty it looks like art!

Here, you'll learn to make beautiful personal rose soap, piecing it together petal by petal. These rose flower soaps look so realistic and pretty, you may not bear to use them afterward! 😘


See Singapore's Disappearing Past

If your Mum is a history buff, or she's a super curious person who loves exploring - why not take her on a heritage walk to see Singapore with new eyes?

Witness disappearing trades in Singapore before they vanish (like bread making!), speak with the residents of Singapore's last Kampong, or even walk with ex-gang members in Singapore. For the curious explorers, being able to witness Singapore's hidden past up close will be unforgettable.

See Singapore's Disappearing Past

Make Soy Candles with Essential Oils

If your Mum isn't worried about candles burning the house down (like ours are 🙈 ), she may enjoy this candle-making workshop!

This is a private candle making workshop where you will work with a scent engineer to create an entirely bespoke scented candle from over 30 raw materials. The possibilities are endless - one guest even created a candle that smells like Chilli Crab!


Sound Bath Relaxation

If your Mum is into wellness, a sound bath session is a lovely gift of relaxation. Here she can spend an hour immersing in beautiful sounds and vibrations created by the Tibetan singing bowls. Deemed as the medicine of the future, the waves of sound at this class will calm her nervous system and help her relax better.


Treat Her to a Yacht Getaway

One of our favourite family day outs is to head out to Lazarus Island on a private yacht. It's the perfect family getaway as the kids can do water activities, and grandparents can enjoy drinks, BBQ and sailing onboard. After we took my mum out on a yacht trip, she asked if we could do it every month 😂

It's definitely not a monthly activity (not for us anyway!), but budget yachts start at $50 per person, so it doesn't break the bank either!

Treat Her to a Yacht Getaway

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Mother's Day in Singapore?
Mother's Day in Singapore is the 2nd Sunday of May each year. Fun fact - it's the same as Mother's Day in the US, but not the same as Mother's Day in the UK!
Where can I celebrate Mother's Day in Singapore?
Lots of places! Here are some of our favourite ideas: - Take your mum out for a nice meal like dim sum! If you want something more special - we would highly recommend private dining. Or why not cook a nice meal for her? - Spa day out - Natureland for budget, or Capella for something really nice - Cooking class! This is our mum's fave way of spending time with us - Make something crafty together - like jewellery, perfume or pottery - Take her on a yacht day out! Have a BBQ out at sea and feel like a proper getaway
What are the most popular Mother's Day gifts?
Some popular Mother's Day gifts are: - Flowers! Always a classic. They can be more expensive over Mother's Day, but our top tip is to head to markets such as Tiong Bahru Market, or Holland Village market. They will have a great selection of flowers for you to DIY a bouquet for a better price - Spa day out - get her a facial or massage voucher, or even better go to the spa together! - A nice meal like dim sum, brunch or a nice Japanese dinner. Or if you want to have a special treat - you should take your mum for private dining. We took our mum once and she loved it so much she has taken her friends multiple times! - An experience gift to do together with you - you can do a cooking class together, go on a heritage walk, craft leather or do pottery together! The best gift is the gift of quality time with you - A nice scarf or shawl. Singapore restaurants are so cold, so every time she wraps up she'll think of you! - If your mum likes her tea or coffee, why not some fancy tea or coffee beans? Get coffee beans from Bacha in their pretty tins, or tea from TWG (english tea) or Yixing Xuan (chinese tea)

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